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I.  To facilitate reading comprehension

Leçon #1: 
For Beginners

Ideas for presenting a reading and giving comprehension tools to students
-- how to help students tackle a reading and read for details

Thank you to our colleague in Italian Matthew Papino (Aldrich Jr. High, Warwick)
 who developped the lesson

Lesson Plan

Leçon #2 :  Poetry--Differentiated learning Lesson

Today, there are several teachers among us who are obliged to teach all levels
of French in their school (Levels 1-4 or 5)
.  Even if one would like to read poems
 or listen to songs, one does not always have the time to research them for each course.
  Here are some lessons for which busy teachers can use in order to teach the poem  « Liberté » (Maurice Carême) to several groups of students.

Thank you to Maria R. Fontes (Aldrich Jr. High, Warwick)
for her
participation in the development of theses activities.

Lesson Plan
« Scrambles »  
« Splash »