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The RI chapter is ready and willing to support teachers of French in advocating for their programs.  The chapter has an excellent «francophone» network willing to advocate in the interest of teachers and their programs. 

It is important that the board is current of any negative action towards French programs in RI.  In such cases, the board asks that affected teachers consult the resources here below as well as contact the president of the chapter.





  How French is Ranked (2017 AATF Convention) 

The French Language Worldwide (OIF) 

French Studies after high school



Printable Advocacy Materials

Chapter Advocacy Archives

On the Importance of Knowing French

News Articles


2017: How French is Ranked (2017 AATF Convention)

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The French Language Worldwide (OIF)

Report of the International Organization of the Francophonie

synthese 2022 OIF

                     The Study of French: New Frontiers in the Age of Globalization

(RIFLA Fall Conference 2015)


Semaine de la langue française et de la Francophonie 2016

(Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication)

French Studies after High School:


French Studies at RI Colleges & Universities


World Speaks French: Video Stories

The World Speaks French: Video Stories is a set of interviews with people from different walks of life who tell fascinating stories of how learning and speaking French has impacted their lives and careers.              

Videos can be viewed on the
AATF-RI Channel on
You Tube
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TV Francophonie

Printable Advocacy Materials *

(suitable for distributing to your students, administrators, parents, etc.)

10 Good Reasons (English)

17 Good Reasons for School Administrators

Why Learn French

Ten reasons to learn French ?

Speaking French, an investment in the future.

French is not a foreign language !

French by the Numbers...

Encouraging students to learn French


Chapter Advocacy Archives *


How French is ranked worldwide (2016)


Bloomberg News Rankings:  The Languages of Business (2011) 


Sample to letter to Parents (2011)


Advocacy Letter (2011)

(Boston Offices : Canada, Québec, France, Switzerland)



Levels of Proficiency 

(Comparison of Languages; languageintelligence.com)


French : an international language



Concert for Haiti 2010  (2010 press release)


Letter to Guidance Counselors (2008)


Letter to RI Superintendents (2009)


Letter to RI Superintendents (Francophonie RI--2009)


Letter to RI Commissioner of Education (2009)

On the Importance of Knowing French


News Articles *

AATF-RI Concert with Grand Dérangement  (Feb 2012)


Which Language is Best to Learn

(Intelligent Life magazine, March/April 2012)


How to get Ahead in the Global Marketplace

(The Independent, September 2010)


Students :  Which language to choose ?

(Comparison of language choices, Bill Peche, National Bulletin, AATF)


The Study of Foreign Languages Should Not Be a Zero-Sum Game

(Stephen Brockman, Carnegie Mellon University, 2009)


Are You Unsure About Continuing to Study Foreign Languages ?

(Joanne O'Toole, Baldwinsville Central Schools, 2002)


Spanish Isn't Always the «Best» Language

(Lisa A. Sullivan, The Herald-Mail Online, 2005)


A Defense of European Languages

(Stephen Brockman, insidehighered.com, 2008)